Our service excellence begins at our client’s initial contact via telephone, email or a visit to our studio showroom in the historic village of Kirkoswald. We strive to provide our clients with as much information as possible at this stage but ideally we aim to visit our clients in their own home to achieve a better understanding of the spatial parameters, lifestyle aspirations and our client’s wishes.


A Design Consultation would be arranged in the client’s home or development site to further discuss the design parameters. Dependent on the nature of the project both the architect and kitchen interior designer would be present to discuss design requirements and conduct an initial technical survey free of charge.


Upon completion of the Design Consultation we invite our clients to meet with us in our studio showroom to view the design concept.  This discussion is the culmination of several hours of design work, with a view to demonstrate to our clients our unique and fresh outlook to their design needs. The design team will deliver an on screen 3d interior presentation of the developed space. We will cover all elements of the design including the finer details of suggested interior design furnishings.

Once the client is satisfied with the design proposals the project can move onto the next phase of the process, ‘development’.


We understand that a new kitchen is a significant purchase for any of our clients and can take several meetings with our design team to finalise the project. That’s why our studio showroom has been developed to create the best experience possible for our clients.


Once the kitchen specification has been confirmed and the necessary permissions have been granted, we create what we like to call the “Design Specification Manual.” This manual is created for two reasons. Firstly, we understand that a kitchen space renovation can be a stressful time for many of our clients. That’s why we want our clients to have a detailed schedule of the entire project every step of the way. Secondly, if the client intends on using their own contractor then the design specification manual can be used as a tender document to obtain contractor quotes.